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Short introduction

Since 1994, Husarich GmbH imports, process and sells:
  • spices,
  • herbs,
  • and dehydrated vegetables
We process only natural raw materials without any additives and according
to the customer requirements.
The company expertise is the proficiency to obtain high quality raw materials
at the best price and the competence in processing the material exactly as
customers require.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is professional and highly motivated
in providing the best possible service for our customers.

We are present in the countries of origin where we inspect and audit our
suppliers to ensure the highest quality available and the fulfillment of
EU Food Regulations laws.

Husarich GmbH offers their customers a well-coordinated lean business
structure which allows us to offer higher quality products at competitive

  • We specialize in industrial-size volumes.
  • Provide processing and grinding of ingredients.
  • Suppliers to food manufacturers and manufacturers of natural remedies
  • Providing microbiologically controlled, sanative products
  • Committed to providing reliable and prompt service

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